Junk Journals: Making my First Journal Part One

I recently learned of junk journalling when customers on my Etsy store started buying my products to use in their junk journal projects. A few internet searches later and I was in love with the idea and desperate to start constructing one myself (as if I needed another hobby)! So after watching a few tutorials and reading up online I decided on a method and began.

First of all I found an empty book cover that was left over from other crafting exercises and making shop products. I chose this large one because it had plenty of room for pages and it was clean and a lovely tan colour. The scruffy edges where the pages were taken out can easily be covered over with ribbon and decoration later on and so are not a big issue for me.  I know some people like to start from scratch and not use an old cover but for my first try I thought it would be much easier. IMG_20170711_110023694

The second thing I found was a selection ‘junk’ pages taken from books, scavenged from around the house or purchased for the sole purpose of junk journalling. I chose to use vintage pages and sort of scruffy looking ones to give it the older, messier kind of look I saw online, but I know lots of people use modern day paper scraps such as take-away flyers and business envelopes. It’s something I’d like to try in the future as well, especially if I could gather an assortment of pages related to a specific holiday or event and then use the finished journal to write about it inside. With my selection of pages all sorted out I began to fold them all and trim little bits off of the edges so they would fit in the book cover neatly, I really do hate overhanging pages!IMG_20170711_110123396

Once I had my pages all ready I sorted them into little bundles of around six sheets or so and layered them up. In order to keep them together and make my journal as sturdy as possible I decided on the stitching option to hold my little bundles together. After piercing guide holes through all of the sheets, I put three large stitches in my first bundle by hand using an embroidery needle and some linen thread. It would have been much easier to use a sewing machine for that part but they seemed secure enough so I continued this sewing method until I had made around 10 stitched up page bundles. IMG_20170711_110232053

The next thing I did was start to arrange the page bundles in my book cover to see how well they fitted and if I’d need any more. I discovered the ones I had fitted well, and they did fill most of the gap, but I saw room for more and the more the merrier, right? So this is where I’m at now, you can see me shuffling bundles in and a few loose pages I’m yet to sew into bundles. Over all I’m super happy with how it’s going and I can’t wait to stick the bundles into the cover and begin adding pockets and decorations! Once I’m done finding new pages and I start sticking in I’ll be back to show you how it’s coming along so watch out for part two!IMG_20170711_110337514

Bye for now,

Emily The Forest Dweller.


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